• End The Drama - 27 October 2017
    End The Drama – 27 October 2017

    Is BPD CAUSING: Too much drama? High anxiety? Hopelessness?

    Register now for this drama-ending seminar!

    LEARN: How to avoid BPD related family conflicts. How to prevent drama & eliminate disharmony.

Food for Thought

  • Reinforcement

    “…In practice, positive reinforcement is far more effective than negative reinforcement when dealing with virtually any creature, be it human, canine, etcetera (Cats are excluded from this generalization as it would appear they just don’t give a crap about anything we say or do)….”

Helpful Hints

  • Presentation: Holiday Drama - Prepare, Prevent & Recover
    Presentation: Holiday Drama – Prepare, Prevent & Recover

    On 12 November 2016, Dr. Angela Klein, of Centered Ground, will present one of the most timely and important Bpd global guest presentations ever offered!

    Holiday Drama – Prepare, Prevent & Recover

    Our presentation will cover: 1. The ramp-up period, 2. The Dinner Table battlefield, 3. The in-between….


  • Grant Received
    Grant Received

    Bpd global is grateful and honored to announce the receipt of a very generous grant from the Max and Anna Levinson Foundation of Carlsbad, California!

    Gordon Levinson is founder of the Levinson Law Group of Carlsbad, California and specializes in personal injury representation. Levinson Law Group is one of the most highly regarded personal injury law firms in all of San Diego county…….


  • New DBT Provider in San Diego - Welcome!
    New DBT Provider in San Diego – Welcome!

    Bpd global hears the good, the bad and the ugly about specific DBT providers in San Diego and throughout much of North America. As a result, when a new, reputable provider comes to town, it’s great news, worthy of being shared with our subscribers!

    DBT California has opened a new location in San Diego, staffed with highly experienced practitioners….


  • Larissa Nicole Freund - Memorial
    Larissa Nicole Freund – Memorial

    “…Anyone who knew Larissa knew that she LOVED her birthday. She wouldn’t let anyone forget as she anxiously awaited its arrival each year. A day to celebrate HER was the best day ever!! Every year on that special day she’d watch the clock with anticipation. At 1:51 PM she would say to whoever happened to be near, “Ask me how old I am!” …”