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  • BPD Sufferers Misread Facial Emotions
    BPD Sufferers Misread Facial Emotions

    … Not only did subjects with borderline personality disorder misread facial emotions, the studies showed, but they also took more time to interpret facial emotions than others. And when they perceived anger, it induced stronger reactions than in healthy control subjects, Ruocco’s team found…

Food for Thought

  • Cause of Death - Denial
    Cause of Death – Denial

    …Behaviors associated with BPD are annoying, disruptive, inconvenient and even infuriating. Unfortunately, ignoring the disease will only amplify the symptoms and create greater collateral damage amongst all with whom the afflicted comes in contact. Sadly, if left untreated, the symptoms may become dangerous and can realistically result in murder in addition to suicide!…

Helpful Hints

  • Nightmare Solutions
    Nightmare Solutions

    We have all had nightmares. Almost everyone gets them once in a while; adults as well as children however, people suffering with BPD report them in abundance and to a degree that they become negative, life impacting events. Just the thought of another night disturbed by a hair curling nightmare is enough to cause dread of going to sleep. A quick Google search using “nightmares in Borderline Personality Disorder” will verify this fact……


  • Brown "Very Impressed with Bpd global"
    Brown “Very Impressed with Bpd global”

    …… I have collaborated with the founder of Bpd global for many years and have directly observed their workshops. I am very impressed with their ability to balance compassion with practical advice. The family members of many patients at my clinic have found Bpd global to be an extremely useful source of education and support……


  • Mea Maxima Culpa
    Mea Maxima Culpa

    On 18 April 2013 I posted an article announcing the Bpd global discussion forum . Unfortunately, there were technical issues for virtually everyone that tried to register and or participate in the forums. I apologize for this inconvenience, the error was entirely my fault!

    If you registered previously and want to try logging in again, please visit …..


  • Larissa Nicole Freund - Memorial
    Larissa Nicole Freund – Memorial

    “…Anyone who knew Larissa knew that she LOVED her birthday. She wouldn’t let anyone forget as she anxiously awaited its arrival each year. A day to celebrate HER was the best day ever!! Every year on that special day she’d watch the clock with anticipation. At 1:51 PM she would say to whoever happened to be near, “Ask me how old I am!” …”