Jun 182013

According to an article written by Mark Moran, published 17 June 2013 in psychiatryonline.org; those people “who meet criteria for recovery from borderline personality disorder (BPD) are more likely to marry and be parents than those who do not recover, and they are more likely to do so at an older age.”

mary_zanarinitransThis according to Mary Zanarini, Ed.D., of McLean Hospital in Belmont, Mass., reported at a symposium on long-term outcome for BPD at APA’s 2013 annual meeting in San Francisco May 2013.

The bottom line is, everyone should know that people with BPD can successfully marry or live with a partner in a stable relationship and become parents.  However, if they do these things while they are still acutely ill and when they are young, it is not as likely to turn out as well as if they wait until they symptomatically and psychosocially improve quite a bit, and get a bit older and calmer—[in which case]it is quite likely to turn out well.”

The follow audio interview with Mary Zanarini provides further details about her assertions.