Apr 262016

DBT-California-Logo-Final-e1411487237596Bpd global hears the good, the bad and the ugly about specific DBT providers in San Diego and throughout much of North America.  As a result, when a new, reputable provider comes to town, it’s great news, worthy of being shared with our subscribers!

DBT California has opened a new location in San Diego, staffed with highly experienced practitioners and providing full-model Dialectical Behavior Therapy.  Full-model DBT includes individual weekly psychotherapy, skills training classes, out-of-session phone coaching and consultation.

Drs. Caitlin Ferriter and Nastassia Riser were kind enough to orchestrate an outstanding, custom presentation about validation, specifically for Bpd global, during March 2016.  The presentation was dynamic and included valuable lessons on validation, illustrated with copious examples.  Bpd global attendees gained a fresh perspective of validation; below is one of the numerous comments received from members of the audience:

I finally think I understand validation.  The metaphor of the fire alarm was key for me.  So, if the fire alarm is going off all the time, and everyone around you is sick of dealing with your ‘false alarms’, you begin to doubt your own inner voice.  Validation is only about validating how awful that fire alarm must feel when it is going off.  It’s not about anything else (like calming, agreeing, solving the problem, etc.).  Validation serves the purpose of helping someone not feel ashamed of their own feelings or criticized for those feelings hence leading to better self-trust. I had struggled with how to validate because I was confusing validation with having to agree with a perspective I did not agree with.  Now I see that all I have to agree with, is how awful it must feel to have been in the situation.  I guess I was just slow to figure that out completely!

Drs. Ferriter and Riser firmly believe that a caring therapist must strive to assist clients change in ways that bring them closer to their ultimate goals.  Based upon the study of how people learn, DBT focuses on helping people identify ineffective approaches to dealing with challenges and upon learning new coping and accomplishment skills, emphasizing the attainment of realistic goals.  According to the Doctors; “DBT is a doing therapy, not a talking therapy.”

Drs. Ferriter and Riser can be contacted at 800.624.1475.