Jun 162016

UncleSamdoctor250xThe National Institute of Mental Health will soon have a new director and is soliciting input pertaining to the current state of mental health research in the USA.  Opinions are being sought from both psychology professionals and the public at large.

Sandy Boone, founder of BPD global, said the following about this opportunity to communicate with the new director of the NIMH:

It is very important that people voice their opinion and their experience with BPD. Many families have spent every penny they have, plus their retirement trying to get help for their loved one.

Many people who have BPD would like to be contributing members of society and not have their mental illness leave them disabled.

Many people with BPD are sitting in jail & prison because they were not diagnosed early in their lives. Areas that could be researched that would make a difference in BPD: pain issues, why do people with BPD react differently to opiods; brain function that leads to impulsivity resulting in suicide, gambling, drugs, shop lifting; lack of effective treatments for BPD; shame issues that lead to suicide, sensitivity in all senses; sleep issues, either sleeping too much or not at all, plus interpretation of sleep; lack of ability to read facial expressions, memory issues, hyper vigilance.

Given the fact that the rate of BPD in the general populations is up to 6%, this is an illness that impacts society to the point of being a public health crisis.

You may contribute your thoughts (up to 500 words) by 30 June 2016, at this address: https://nimhrfi.nimh.nih.gov/portal/