• *NEW* End The Drama *WEBINAR* - 24 April 2020
    *NEW* End The Drama *WEBINAR* – 24 April 2020

    Is BPD CAUSING: Too much drama? High anxiety? Hopelessness?

    Register now for this drama-ending webinar!

    LEARN: How to avoid BPD related family conflicts. How to prevent drama & eliminate disharmony.

Food for Thought

  • Knowledge is Power
    Knowledge is Power

    ‘Knowledge is power’, an aphorism attributed to Sir Francis Bacon (1597), is as true today as it was during the sixteenth century. When it comes to Borderline Personality Disorder, the only effective therapy is knowledge based. Likewise, for loved ones who interface with BPD sufferers, their only positive course of action is to acquire knowledge and……

Helpful Hints

  • Coping with coronavirus anxiety
    Coping with coronavirus anxiety

    Worrying about all the news on the new coronavirus and the illness it causes? Well, that makes good sense. If you’re wondering how to cope with anxious feelings that are surfacing, this blog post can guide you through steps that may be helpful to many people.


  • Grant Received
    Grant Received

    Bpd global is grateful and honored to announce the receipt of a very generous grant from the Max and Anna Levinson Foundation of Carlsbad, California!

    Gordon Levinson is founder of the Levinson Law Group of Carlsbad, California and specializes in personal injury representation. Levinson Law Group is one of the most highly regarded personal injury law firms in all of San Diego county…….


  • Las Vegas Mass Shooting
    Las Vegas Mass Shooting

    Were you directly impacted by the Las Vegas mass shooting on 2 October 2017? If so, the DBT Center of San Diego will be offering up to 3 free sessions for anyone directly impacted by this tragedy. If you or someone you know would like professional help processing this tragedy, contact them at: 619-602-0726 and or, visit their website http://www.dbtsandiego.com/


  • John G. Gunderson, MD
    John G. Gunderson, MD

    John G. Gunderson, MD, a pioneer in the diagnosis, treatment, and research of borderline personality disorder (BPD) and professor of psychiatry at Harvard Medical School and McLean Hospital, died at home on January 11, 2019, while surrounded by his family. The cause was prostate cancer.

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